Will you be sitting the MLAT?

 MLAT study is a portal that will help you excel in the Modern Language Aptitude Test. The portal includes over 500 test questions specifically designed to replicate the actual sections of the MLAT. You will learn all about the test and adopt the techniques you need to succeed.


We are a team who have sat the MLAT numerous times and bedded down the in-test strategies and study techniques to succeed. We built MLAT study because we had often been told that 'you can't study for the MLAT'. This is something the testers like to say but is completely incorrect. Our team have achieved the highest levels of proficiency on the MLAT ourselves using these study techniques and in-test strategies. We built this portal so that others could achieve these high scores too.


Thank you again for the sample questions and exercises. They really helped me prepare for the test and I passed!        Jaq R. 

Thank you so much for your help, I think I will definitely score above 140. I spoke to some people at the test and it seems you are the only provider on the internet! And so affordable. Thank you so much.      Kevin N.


Thanks for your help and advice. They assisted me to achieve level 4.      Graham W. 

I had my MLAT today and I passed. Thanks for your helpful website. I am quite sure I got 20/20 for section 5.       James K. 


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