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Past Modern Language Aptitude Test Papers

Updated: Apr 26

Looking for past Modern Language Aptitude Test papers? Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but there aren’t any. Why, you say? Because the MLAT does not change over time. It has the same questions this year as it did 20 years ago.

This is the reason why if you’ve failed sitting the MLAT that you often need to wait for 12 months before your next sitting. And that second sitting will be your last.

So how are you supposed to study for the Modern Language Aptitude Test if you can’t find any past test papers? has some great free resources which help to explain different sections of the test but if you are serious about wanting to pass the MLAT then your best chances of doing that are by accessing our simulated test questions.

This portal includes over 600 simulated test questions. They are designed to mimic the test with the use of audio in the audio sections and identical structures to the remaining sections. There is also great information about how to ‘game’ the test such that you have more time than everyone else sitting the test and get more correct answers.

So, while there aren’t any past test papers available to you there is actually a better option in that you’ll be walked through the test questions and provided the best strategies for each test section. Over 1000 people have accessed these test questions and our feedback is available for you to see in the reviews section of

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