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What are the different sections of the Modern Language Aptitude Test?

Updated: Apr 26

Knowing these sections and how to complete them will improve your performance significantly!

The Modern Language Aptitude Test consists of five sections, each one testing separate abilities.

Number Learning. This section is designed in part to measure the subject's memory as well as an "auditory alertness" factor which would affect the subject's auditory comprehension of a foreign language.

Phonetic Script. This section is designed to measure the subject's sound-symbol association ability, which is the ability to learn correlations between a speech sound and written symbols.

Spelling Clues/Hidden Words. This highly speeded section is designed to test the subject's vocabulary knowledge of English as well as his/her sound-symbol association ability.

Words in Sentences. This section is designed to measure the subject's sensitivity to grammatical structure without using any grammatical terminology.

Paired Associates. This section is designed to measure the subject's rote memorization ability, which is a typical component of foreign language learning.

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