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Top 5 tips for passing the Modern Language Aptitude Test

Updated: Apr 26

1. Know the different sections of the test

The best way to prepare for the Modern Language Aptitude Test is to know what's coming. If you know what the next section question is, then you don't need to read the instructions for that section. This will give you up to an extra two minutes to answer questions. It also allows you to not have to learn what the question expects of you. Knowing the different sections allows you to prepare for them and practice the skills you need to succeed!

2. Knowing how the test is scored

The test does not mark you down for incorrect answers. If you know this going in, you can be sure to shade every circle possible...even if you don't know the answer. You've got a 20% chance of getting it right!..(in most sections).

3. Learn the international phonetic alphabet

This is not the alpha, bravo, charlie alphabet, but the one that uses characters like these: ŋ, ʈʃ, θ, ʊ (it's not as hard as it looks). If you know these characters, you will have a much easier time interpreting section two and passing the test!

4. Develop your memorization skills

Memorization is actually not that difficult once you know how to do it. The key trick is to have what is written in front of you create a kind of picture in your mind. This works best when it's a picture or event that you already know, but you can also create new images. One example of this is if you just met someone who's name was Souka and you thought you might forget his name. You could split Souka up into Sou (Sue, like a woman's name) and Ka ( the thing you drive). Then think of someone named Sue and what her car looks like. Bam! You've memorized Souka's name forever.

5. Do targeted practice guided by someone who has already done the MLAT

The best way to prep is to have someone tell you all about it. That's why we made MLAT help people like you prep and then achieve high scored on the MLAT.

If you are going to sit the Modern Language Aptitude Test or would like to try your hand at the test, you can access over 600 questions here.

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Had never thought of studying for it. Really happy I found this.

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